In fall 2019, the Federation convened dialogues across the community through Conversations with Seven, a series focused on bringing various voices of our Jewish community together to learn from one another. Through those conversations, we created the Jewish Community Relations Committee’s (JCRC) guiding principles to:

  • Foster and build collaborative relationships with other faith, ethnic, and cultural communities.
  • Be visible and present in the greater community during times of crisis and on vital social issues.
  • Be intentionally and actively involved in key issues impacting the Jewish community and the community at large.
  • Educate concerning relevant local and global issues.

As we continue to grow the JCRC, I look forward to bringing in different voices and ideas from our community and beyond through events and our biweekly newsletter. If you are interested in receiving our newsletter, which provides resources on a variety of community issues, please sign up here. You can explore past newsletters and associated resources here. (link to JCRC home page)

Thank you,

Jessica ‘Decky’ Alexander

JCRC Chair