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2 Communities, 1 Family

Partnership2Gether, is a program of the Jewish Agency connecting Israeli communities with Jewish communities worldwide, to create an ever-growing network of friendships and support, as a way of understanding and appreciating the rich variety and religious expression of world Jewry. Partnership2Gether is an inclusive and active network of people focused on the exchange of ideas and programs with the goal of developing and deepening meaningful relationships that strengthen our global Jewish identity.

The Michigan communities of Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Grand Rapids are linked with the Central Galilee communities of Migdal Ha’Emek, Nof HaGalil, and the Jezreel Valley regional council. Within this larger partnership, Ann Arbor has a special relationship with Moshav Nahalal; one that has been nurtured over many years through missions and delegation visits, a Women’s Exchange Program, participation in Israel’s Maccabi Games for Jewish athletes from around the world and our flagship program for high-schoolers, The Greater Ann Arbor – Nahalal Student Exchange, which fosters deep personal relationships between Greater Ann Arbor and Nahalal teens.

The Ann Arbor/Moshav Nahalal relationship is an integral part of the Michigan/Central Galilee Partnership2Gether project. The two communities have developed a deep connection based on mutual values and shared interests, such as environmental and ecological conservation, social justice, and diverse and creative religious expression.

Partnership2Gether turns Israel from a homeland to a home away from home… we invite you to participate.

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