The Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor

2022 Annual Community Campaign

Draft Donor Recognition Roll

(as of March 25, 2022)


Thank You for Giving Generously, Now, More Than Ever.


If you see any errors on this page, please contact Federation’s Communications & Development Manager Rachel Wall at or (734) 773-3533.

*Includes a Women’s Campaign Gift



Prime Minister ($50,000+)

Michael Levine

Tamar Springer and Steve Stancroff

King David ($25,000-$49,000)

Carol Amster (z”l)*

Harlene and Henry Appelman*

Rachel and Gary Glick*

Carolyn and Paul Lichter*



Evie and Allen Lichter*

Mary and Art Schuman*

Ambassador Ronald Weiser

President’s Council ($10,000-$24,999)

Maxine and Laurence Baker*

Jennifer Lewis and Marc Bernstein*

Judy and Malcolm Cohen*

Susan and Arnold Coran *

Stanton Elias and Donna Shewach

Eileen and Gary Freed*

Judith and Paul Freedman*

Hillary Murt and Bruce Friedman*

Joanna and Richard Friedman

Karen Kluin and Douglas Gelb

Rita Gelman*


President’s Council ($10,000-$24,999)

Phyllis and David Herzig *

Carol and Gideon Hoffer*​

Geraldine and Sheldon Markel

Alytia Levendosky and David Nacht

Dr. Gil Omenn and  Martha Darling

Gretchen Gardner and Joshua Pokempner

Prudence Rosenthal*

Carole and Mitchell Rycus

Joan Lowenstein and Jonathan Trobe*

Wendy and Russell Weiner

Nancy and Martin Zimmerman*


Leadership Circle ($7,500-$9,999)

Sue and Larry Adler*

Levana and Stephen Aronson*

Neal Blatt           

Marti Walsh and Samuel Hirsch 

Shira and Steven Klein*

Leadership Circle ($7,500-$9,999)

Barbara Stark-Nemon and Barry Nemon

Susan and Mark Orringer*

Elaine and Bertram Pitt 

Monica Starkman*

Nancy Barbas and Jonathan Sugar

Shofar Society ($5,000-$7,499)

Ashley and Jim Adox

Stefanie and Herb Aronow*

Robin and Brad Axelrod

Laurie and Jeff Barnett

Shelly Kovacs Berman and Harvey Berman

Kathy and Al Bloom

Babette and Mark Daskin*

Alice Fishman and Michael DiPietro*

Judith and Todd Endelman

Susan Fisher*

Thea Glicksman*

Mona and Edward Goldman

Nancy and Roger Hitchcock

Jeff Hauptman and Melissa Gumenick

Cindy and Scott Kellman

Syma and Phillip Kroll*

Jessica ‘Decky’ Alexander and Bruce Kutinsky

Judith and Robert Marans*

Fran and Irwin Martin*

Brenda and Murray Meisels


Shofar Society $5,000-$7,499)

Lauren and Eric Metzendorf

Patricia and Randy Milgrom

Ellyne and Arnold Monto*

Sharon and Chuck Newman

Renee and David Pinsky

Susan and Murray Rebner*

Joan Hartman and John Rothchild

Wendy and Edward Rothman

Margot and Brian Schapiro

Margaret Schreiber and Dave Sitz

Samantha Hendren and Jason Schwalb

Harriet Selin*

Rochelle and Robert Stoler

Karen and David Stutz

Gail and Alan Sugar*

Rochelle Lipsky and Eiran Warner

Elise Weisbach*

Lisa and Steve Weiss

Sara and Donny Wohl

Anonymous Donor

Pacesetters ($2,500-$4,999)

Barbara and Bernard Banet

Sheryl Hirsch and Jack Billi

Dean Brenner

Devin Brown

Stacey Lee and Evan Caminker

Judith and Ed Davidson

Julie and Charles Ellis

Paula Bockenstedt and David Fox

Lisbeth and Michael Fried

Joyce and Steve Gerber

Florence and Marvin Gerber*

Karla Goldman and Kim Jaffee*

Susan and Barry Gross*

Dr. William and  Merrily Hart

Alice and Clifford Hart

Dina Shtull and Steven Leber

Laurie and Jeff Leflein



Pacesetters ($2,500-$4,999)

Pamela and Michael Marcovitz

Kathleen Koehler and William Miller

Elisabeth Weinstein and Craig Pacernick

Sue and Edwin Pear

Sheila and Owen Perlman

Kim and Lawrence Perlman

Marie Deveney and Martin Pernick

Eve and Richard Primus

Lauren Katz and Joel Rubenstein

Debra Chopp and Gil Seinfeld

Lisa and Bruce Shapiro

Aviva Panush and Mitchell Silverman

Eva and Edward Solomon

Gretta Spier and Jonathan Rubin*

Terri Ginsburg and Jeffrey Spoon

Harriet Bakalar and Edwin Tobes

Donna Winkelman

Martha and Eric Young*



Jamie and James Abelson

Joelle Abramowitz*

Sassa and Jan Akervall*

Deborah and Richard Ball

Julie and Phillip Barr

Leslie Bash*

Fran Lewy-Berg and Mark Berg

Patricia Binder

Joan Binkow*

Andree Joyaux and Frederick Blanck

Christopher Bergen and Jeremy Bloom

Terri and Jason Brodkey

Raya and Morton Brown

Miriam and Henry Brysk

Jane and Anthony Burton

Stephanie and Ronald Chervin*

Marla and Joshua Chinsky

Amy and Mike Davidoff

Judith Laikin Elkin*

Margaret and Neal Elyakin

Maureen and Gary Fagin

Marci and Stephen Feinberg

Louise and Alan Fligiel

Dahlia Weinman and Aaron Fried

Susan and Abba Friedman

Maureen and David Ginsburg

Susan Sefansky and David Goldstein

Eszter and Tamas Gombosi

Hanna and Peter Goodstein

Laurie and Jayson Greenberg*

Linda Grekin

Ken Handwerger

Elizabeth Anderson and David Jacobi

Elizabeth and Lawrence Jordan

Caroline Helton and Matthew Kaplan

Gina and Peter Katz

Leah and Paul Kileny

Edward Kimball

Myra and Rich Klarman



Linda Korobkin*

Stephen and Pamela Landau*

Marla Linderman Richelew and Josh Richelew*

Nancy Margolis*

Irena and Andrei Markovits

Barbra Mazie and Arthur Gershowitz

Debbie and Bob Merion

Barry M Miller

Candy and Andrew Mitchell

Wanpen and Stephen Modell

Deborah Dash Moore and MacDonald Moore

Virginia Morgan and Joseph Spiegel

Lisa Levit Newman and Daniel Newman

Marylen Oberman*

Rachel Portnoy and Adam Eichner

Michelle and Arthur Riba

Monica and Ben Rosen

Valerie Rosenberg

Dolcy Garfield and Ilan Rubinfeld

Adrienne and Steven Schiff

Jennifer and Sam Siegel

Elaine and Robert Sims

Margaret and Michael Singer

Ryan and Nina Sober

William Solomon

Janya and Harvey Somers

Lynn Stern and Neal Persky

Marci and Joshua Sukenic*

Elana and Ronald Sussman

Jennifer and Andrew Tankanow

Lisa and Jeffrey Tulin-Silver

Rebecca and Jeff Veidlinger

Susan and Neal Weinberg

Beth and Jeff Wilensky

Sarajane Winkelman*

I.W. Winsten

Esther Ullman and Morley Witus

Susan Harris and David Zacks

Anonymous Donor


Deborah Keller-Cohen and Evan Cohen

Deborah and Thomas DeZure

Linda and Richard Greene

Barbara and Jeffrey Laufer

Janice and Andy Lieberman

Lynn and Herbert Malinoff

Jerry and Emily Miller


Jonathan and Wendy Maybaum

Marci and Andrew Rosenberg

Rivka Rubinfeld

Arlene Saxonhouse

Naomi and Mario Spivak

Stacy and Jason Williams


Irene and Paul Adler

Rabbi Sara and Jeremy Adler

Lois and David Baru

Elizabeth and Enoch Brater

Sandra and Philip Cascade

Marjorie and Barry Checkoway*

Robertha and Michael Cohen

Julius Cohen

Kathi and Richard Cohen

Marilyn Friedman

Judith and Alfred Gourdji

Keith Gran

Nancy Hart and Henry Greenspan

Esta and Lawrence Grossman

Jason Gumenick

Gloria and Joseph Gurt

Paula Hencken and George Collins

Lynn and Daniel Heumann

Barbara and Robert Hooberman

Flora and Ron Hoodin

Judith Jacobs*

Michelle Jacobs and Eric Weiner

Bonnie and James Keen

Marilyn and Leonard Kirsch

Elizabeth and Todd Kirshner

Lily Ladin



Julia and Donald Levitt

Debra and Edward Linkner

Loren Levy and Steven Mandell

Dianne Longo and Hylan Moises

Lisa and Lawrence Molnar

Stephanie Newell

Hope Meadows and Seth Penchansky

Harvey Pillersdorf

Jennifer Reed

Cindy and Mark Saper

Pamela Schwartz

Inbal Nahum-Shani and Guy Shani

Joel and Marilyn Shore

Catherine Zudak and Robert Silbergleit

Joan and Scott Singer

Natalie and Edward Surovell

Mira Sussman and Doron Yitzchaki

Eileen and Ted Thacker*

Michaela Cazan-Todd and Eric Todd

Lisa Ungerleider*

Jerry Vidis

Jessica Fogel and Lawrence Weiner

Lisa Inoue and Alon Yaffe

Debby Salem and Marc Zimmerman

Anonymous Donor


Ellen Abramson

Sharon and Ia Aronovich

Judith and Brian Ashin

Carrie and Andrew Bank

Nika and Zeev Bareket

Abby Bauland

Alexander Baum and Hannah Pierson-Compeau

Monica Vaisman and Yehuda Bechar

Karen Shill and Henry Beitz

Barbara and Sheldon Berry

Janis Bobrin and Mike Allemang

Deborah Meizlish and Joshua Botkin

Rabbi Nadav and Lynne Caine

Paula Newman-Casey and Kevin Casey

Christi Merrill and Dan Cutler

Eva Huseby-Darvas and Robert Darvas

Judy Bobrow and Jon Desenberg

Rabbi Robert and Ellen Dobrusin

Melissa and Adam Dorfman

Peggy and Sam Fine

Ira Fisher

Judith Gessner

Marian Cohen and Sheldon Ginns*

Rabbi Elliot Ginsburg and Linda Jo Doctor

Julie and Adam Goldsmith

Susan and Richard Gutow*

Michael Handelman

Elise and Jerrold Herman

Tanya and Jerold Israel

Michele Israel

Heidi and Alon Kahana

Deborah and Ralph Katz

Paula Hiller and Ned Kirsch

Melvyn Levitsky

Susan Pollans and Alan Levy

Victor Lieberman

Kathy and Martin Ludington

Catherine and Jack Marshall

Emily and Ian Mashal

Sofia Merajver

Barbara and Rick Mintz

Gail and Mark Mizruchi



Sheryl Pomerance and Patrick O’Keefe

JoAnn and William Parkus

Nancy Pickus*

Joan and Robert Ravin

Helaine and David Reid

Malverne Reinhart*

Liora Rosen and Gary Rochman

Ruth Bardenstein and James Roll

Leslie and Mark Rosenwasser

Dinah and Thomas Ross

Scott Russell

Lisa and Howard Saulles

Robyn and Jason Schmier

Alyssa and Bradley Seel

Rena Seltzer and Pam Shore*

Deborah Shaw

Tilly and Or Shemer*

Maryann and Martin Shichtman

Linda and Bruce Sokolove

Ariane Kaplan and Adam Stein

Robert Stern

Roger Stutesman

Alyse Tankanow and Joe Cohen*

Ruth Taubman*

Christopher Taylor and Eva Rosenwald

Diane and Amiram Vinokur

Dietmar Wagner

Diane and James Wanty

Carol and James Wares

Sandra Finkel and Seth Warschausky

Joyce Watson and Martin Warshaw

Madelon and Richard Weber

Judy and Howard Weinblatt

Fran and Jack Weinstein

Lois Weisman

Rabbi Josh and Sarah Whinston

Annie Wolock

Joan Zald

Rachel Newman and Yossef Zekic

David Zimet

Anonymous Donor​


Up to $249

Gwen Adler*

Cyrene Aksman

Roann Altman*

Liz Arnkoff

Meridel Avrin

Joan Axelrod*

Merilyn and Donald Bartolacci

Iris and Eran Bashan

Charlene Kawchak-Belitsky and Neal Belitsky

Tami and Joel Benedek

Jesse Bernstein

Lisa and Jeffrey Bernstein

Terese and Corey Bertcher

Suzanne and Frederick Beutler

Natalya and Vladimir Beylin

Marla and Laurence Biederman

Rosalyn Biederman*

Sharon and Dennis Blumenfeld

Carol and Joseph Brown

Jessica Schwartz and Robert Brumbaugh

Carolyn and Michael Burnstein

Jordana and Bob Carbeck

Sarah Chopp

Bela and Michael Chopp

Martine Perreault and Tim Chupp

Shirley Cohen-Mekelburg and David Mekelburg

Sheila Deskins

Natalie and Mikhail Dubov

Danit Brown and William Dueber

Lois and Robert Eckstein

Milka and Yaron Eliav

Joy Wolfe Ensor and Douglas Ensor

Ann Epstein

Sheryl Fagin

Carol and Douglas Feldman

Andrew and Pamela Fine

Annette Fisch

Suzanne Fligiel*

Barbara Frank*

Michele Freed and Jacob Abudaram*

Ruth Freedman*

Evan Frenklak

Cindy and Richard Frey

Janet Friedman

Wenli Zhang Frisch and Ron Frisch

Sylvia Funk

Ilana and Ari Gafni

Osnat and Greg Gafni-Pappas

Valerie and Richard Galler

Maria Vilinskaia and Leonid Gankin

Carmel Gerber*

Eeta Gershow*

Leonore Gerstein*

Jamie Morris and Elliot H. Gertel

Max Glick

Rabbi Jeff Glickman

Rabbi Aharon and Esther Goldstein

Rachel Goldstein and Aaron Willis

Joel Goldstein and Rachel Jacobson

Rabbi Alter and Chanchi Goldstein

Jenny Gordon

Deborah Torres-Gordon and Mark Gordon

Donna and Steven Gotlib

Sharon Gourdji

Hilary Greenberg

Daryl Hafter

Joyce Hamel

Lisa Harris

Martha Walker and Mark Hauptschein

Debbie and Norman Herbert

Chris Hippler

Ariella Hoffman-Peterson

Tammie Nahra and Lee Hollander

Vickie Honeyman

Judy Irvine

Robert Israel

Manjula Jindal

Joan Cohen Jones and Stephen Jones

Pamela and Neil Juliar

Deborah and Harvey Juster

Michael and Beverly Kahn

Leslie Kamil*

Kayla Kapen

Rachel and Stephen Kaplan

Alla and Leon Karnovsky

Nancy Karp

Mercy and Stephen Kasle

Maureen and Mark Kassof

Ellen Katz

Lisa Wolf and Aron Kaufman

Jennifer and Patrick Kehoe

Rabbi Will and Rabba Yael Keller

Roslyn and Mark Kinzer

Tatiana and Boris Kochubievsky

Charles Krasnow

Marie-Adele and Jeremy Kress

Dorine Kroll

Malvina Kurnosova

Stephen Laatsch

Cantor Regina Lambert-Hayut and Avishay Hayut

Deborah Lamm

Anita Liberman-Lampear and Alan Lampear

Judith and Abraham Landau

Sidney Lawrence



Erica Markovitz and Jeff Lawson

Dorith and Reuven Lehavy

Joan and Joel Levitt

Rachel and Aaron Levy

Cathy and Adam Liebowitz

Paula Mahler*

Jean and Melvin Manis

Dana Margolis

Betsy Mark*

Lauren and Irvin Mermelstein

Anita and Howard Merritt

Amy and John Milanovich*

Meira Miller

Carol and Robert Milstein

Roni and Kent Moncur

Ariella Monson

Leslie and Michael Morris

Deborah and Evan Morrison

Henry Mosberg

Irina and Aleksandr Muchnick

Julie and Louis Nagel

Carolyn and Eli Nathans

Lana and Barry Neimeth

Anne Nemetz

Laura O’Connor

Barbara and John Paglione

Liron Pantanowitz and Heidi Schwartz Pantanowitz

Laura and Josh Pasek

Alexander Perlman

Jacob Perlman

Rachel Perlman

Shelley and Warren Perlove

Ruth Petit*

Amanda Fisher and Shachar Pinsker

Marilia Cascalho and Jeffrey Platt

Norma Polcek*

Marcia Polenberg*

Andrea Puterman

Karen Rappaport

Sarah Rassoul*

Nancy Szabo and Steven Ratner

Julie and Paul Reingold

Amanda and Daniel Reznick

Helena Robinovitz

Jillian and Davey Rosen

Carol and Roy Rosen

Gay and George Rosenwald

Allison and Aaron Ruff

Sarah Okin and Elan Ruggill

Betty Salimi

Michelle Stern-Samberg and Warren Samberg

Idelle Hammond-Sass and Dale Sass

Deborah Schild

Karyn and David Schoem

Daniel Schultz

Laurie and Curt Schultz

Denise Thal and David Scobey

Marilyn Scott*

Stephen Selipsky and Phyllis Hanson

Ruby and Richard Shapiro

Caryn Shapiro

Ronnie Shapiro

Tish Shapiro*

Judith and Ivan Sherick

Merton Shill

Susan Shore

Sarai Brachman Shoup and David Shoup

Diane Siegel-DiVita

Gay Sigel and Howard Epstein

Eve Silberman

Nancy and Samuel Silver

Brandy Sinco

Brenda and Sandor Slomovits

Martha Weintraub and Peter Smith

Sharon Sorkin*

Judy Spellman

Sarah Steingold

Adele and Steve Stocker

Denise and Marc Susselman

Marlowe Susselman

Moira and Michael Tannenbaum

Ruth and Arnold Tannenbaum

Jane Monto and Benjamin Taub

Jordan Tauber*

Ellen Barahal Taylor and Stephen Taylor

Nicole Tordella

Ohad Trabelsi

Alice Train

Barbara Ullman*

Jennifer and Peter VanBeck

Heidi Vizelberg

Rachel and Logan Wall

Anne and John Wasciuk*

Tamar and Charles Weaver

Ashley and Adam Weiner

Judy and Warren Williams

Diane and Kevan Wilson

Daniela Wittmann*

Cheryl Rush and Michael Wodka

Tanya and William Wright

Barbara Reed and Philip Zazove

Kory and Kevin Zhao

Janet Zinn

Ariel and Evan Zoldan

Anonymous Donor