Thank you to all who made this week possible! We had a great time with our Israeli family in Nahalal, Israel.

  • Ann Arbor to Nahalal

    Ann Arbor students spend the Ann Arbor Public School's spring break in Israel at Moshav Nahalal. Participants are housed by host families, along with at least one other Ann Arborite. The week is spent attending school with student hosts, touring the Central Galilee, visiting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and interacting with their peers.

    March 26 - April 5, 2020


As Ann Arbor's partnership community, Moshav Nahalal is our home away from home in Israel.


Through this mutually supportive and long-standing relationship, 9th graders in both communities have a unique opportunity to build bonds with peers while strengthening their sense of connection to each other's countries.

Jessica Weil
734-677-0100 ext 227


Each participant is expected to...

  • Cover the cost of your own flight and trip insurance
  • Obtain (or confirm) a passport with an expiration date greater than six months from the final day of the Israel trip
  • Attend pre-trip orientation sessions
  • Host a student from Nahalal during the following school year
  • Families of participants are exected to make a minimum $180 pledge to the Annual Campaign and be in good standing with the Federation




Application Check List & Essay Requirements (due by December 13, 2019)

Form A - Application (due by December 13, 2019)

Form B - Contact Information (due by January 12, 2020)

Form C - Health Record (due by January 12, 2020)

Form D - Medical History Questionaire (due by January 12, 2020)

Form E - Program Contract (due by January 12, 2020)

Form F - Code of Conduct (due by January 12, 2020)

Form G - Insurance Waiver (due by January 12, 2020)

Form H - Photographic Materials Release (due by January 12, 2020)

Release for Travel (due by February 16, 2020)

Travel Insurance Confirmation (due by February 16, 2020)

Student photograph to send to host families (due by February 16, 2020)

Brief letter (paragraph) to Israeli host families with information about the participant, his/her family, school, experience in Israel, sibling(s)' names and ages, and any other interesting facts (due by February 16, 2020)

Submit all materials to:

Nahalal/Ann Arbor Student Exchange
Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor
2939 Birch Hollow Drive
Ann Arbor, MI  48108



"This trip was the most fun I have ever had in my life! I am especially glad to be able to call Nahalal my new home." 

~ Zoe


"This trip strengthened my connection to Israel. It is really fun meeting all the Israelis. If you did not know any of the Ann Arbor kids already, it is really fun getting to know them, too." 

~ Matt


Where will I stay?
You will stay with a student and his/her family on Moshav Nahalal.

How much will this cost?
All participants are expected to pay for their airfare; Jewish Federation staff will determine flights. Exchange student families will be asked to purchase gifts for their host families and should plan to bring pocket money to cover souvenirs.

How will I be prepared for the trip?
There will be orientation sessions leading up to your departure. These will cover topics such as Hebrew language, Israeli culture and family life, and specifics about Moshav Nahalal and the Jezreel Valley.

Who will go with our group?
The group will be chaperoned by experienced Jewish Federation staff and/or volunteers.



​Through Partnership 2Gether, Ann Arbor enjoys a special relationship with Moshav Nahalal in the Central Galilee region of Israel. The highlight of this partnership is the annual Student Exchange program. Through the years, many adults and families have also developed abiding friendships with our Nahalal family.