Meet Federation Legacy Society Donor Joelle Abramowitz


Joelle Abramowitz, originally from New Jersey, lived in Washington DC, Brussels, Hong Kong, Chicago, and Seattle before coming to Ann Arbor in 2016. She served as President of the Jewish Young Professionals (JYP) Board at Federation and is paving the way for young adults in Ann Arbor by committing to leave a legacy gift to Federation through LIFE & LEGACY®.

“I am very committed to supporting our Jewish community now and in the future,” Joelle says. “I am interested in how Jewish organizations work and how to make them sustainable. I want to see a flourishing Jewish community – in the same way that JYP helps to foster young leadership as an investment in our future, so too is legacy giving an investment in our future.”


Want to learn more about joining the Federation Legacy Society? Contact Eileen Freed at or call 734-773-3537.