Meet L’Dor V’Dor Circle Donor Bob Stone


Michigan Hillel has played an increasingly large role in my life and that of my children. All three enjoyed Hillel’s Jewish programming and Shabbat dinners as students and I had the immense honor to hold a leadership role as a Board of Trustees Chair. That is why it was an easy decision to ensure Hillel’s future upon hearing of the LIFE & LEGACY campaign. 

My chosen legacy vehicle was a life insurance policy. It was simple for me to coordinate through my existing provider and now I am assured there will be a great impact on my Hillel’s mission when the time comes. It is a deep source of pride for me now, as an alum and an organizational leader, to have joined this campaign. Forever Go Blue!

Want to learn more about joining the L’Dor V’Dor Circle with a legacy gift to a Jewish organization in greater Ann Arbor? Contact or call 734-773-3538.