2 2019

UM Frankel Center Event: Marcin Wodzinski

4:00PM - 5:30PM  

Room 1010, Wieser Hall 500 Church St
Ann Arbor, MI

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"Space and Spirit, or How to make Historical Atlas of Hasidism"

Marcin Wodzinski, University of Wroclaw

Wodzinski has produced the first cartographic reference book on Hasidism, one of the modern era's most vibrant and important mystical movements. In this lecture, he will discuss Hasidism's emergence and expansion in Eastern Europe; its spread to the New World; and its remarkable postwar rebirth. Wodzinski’s innovative mapping allows him to show to what extent Hasidism dominated the Eastern European Jewish landscape, which Hasidic dynasties were strongest and why, and how Hasidism was resurrected in the Post-Holocaust era.