14 2019

JCC- Seder Experience for Children!

11:15AM - 12:15PM  

Jewish Community Center of Greater Ann Arbor 2935 Birch Hollow Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Contact Rav Nadav Caine
734-665-9897 (Phone)
734-665-2733 (Fax)

The  P.J. Library, the JCC, and Beth Israel are combining to put on Rabbi Caine's “Seder Experience for Children!” for Ann Arbor families with children ages 2 through 8. Parents, grandparents, and small children will be enslaved by Pharaoh and forced to build roads and towns out of boxes and Legos, with a work break for karpas, maror, and matzah!  We'll demand to be let go, watch Pharaoh afflicted with plagues (like us putting red sticker “boils” all over him), gather in our (real) tents with our glow sticks while avoiding the wild animals, darkness, and insects, and finally go free while the Egyptians drown in the blue streamers of the Red Sea. Free of Charge