19 2017

Radical Texts for an Unreasonable Time

1:00PM - 5:00PM  

School of Social Work, Room 1840 1080 S. University
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

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Join us for a lecture, text study, and discussion with Rabbi Benay Lappe while we explore what it means to include and give voice to folks in our community who have often been overlooked or unrecognized. Rabbi Lappe approaches the study of Talmud through the application of queer theory and guides learners in finding their own stories within the text. During this session, we hope to convey and grapple with the notion that identities that are best equipped to enhance the Jewish tradition may not be the mainstream ones that we're used to seeing represented at the front of the room.

Part of the Jewish Communal Leadership Program's "WHAT NOW? Communal Conversations for Unreasonable Times" a weekend of provocative study and discussion that can help us meet this challenging moment. Programs run February 18th and 19th, and feature diversity educator Yavilah McCoy and Rabbi Benay Lappe.