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Welcome to the 3rd Jewish Community Impact Fund!

The Jewish Community Impact Fund provides awards for new and innovative projects that engage our community in new ways or address the needs of underserved segments of our community.

Community input in determining the winners is a critical part of the process.

Awards will be made in two phases.

Phase 1: Community Voting

  • All donors to the 2013 or 2014 Annual Campaign ($18 minimum pledge) are eligible to vote on this website until February 28, 2014. If you have not yet donated, you may do so by clicking the DONATE NOW button below.
  • Each voter may vote one time, for two proposals. To assure this, the voter must fill out the basic information on the voting page.
  • Summaries of each proposal appear below. Click on the project name for the full text of the proposal.
  • At the bottom of this page is a link to the voting page.
  • The two projects receiving the highest number of votes will automatically be funded.

Phase 2: Selection Committee

  • At the conclusion of community voting, a selection committee will consider additional awards up to a total of $40,000.

Winners will be announced in the LINK on Friday, March 14, 2014.

Grant Requests:      

  1. Sponsor:    Ann Arbor Reconstructionist Congregation
    Project:     Food, Land and Justice--Creating a Jewish Lens
    Request:    $8,000
    Summary:  The Ann Arbor Reconstructionist Congregation seeks $8,000 to support a year of interactive, educational activities for all ages that explore food justice and sustainable land use, and their basis in Jewish tradition. The activities will include days of learning through action, a youth farm curriculum and pilot project, and outreach educational materials. Our efforts will culminate in the Ann Arbor Jewish Food Festival, connecting Ann Arbor to a budding Jewish Food Movement. These activities will create connections to food justice and sustainability through personal experiences and help participants develop a Jewish perspective on land use, agricultural practices, and tikkun olam.
  2. Sponsor:    Chabad of Ann Arbor
    Project:      Sharing Traditions Series
    Request:    $4,375
    Summary:  The Sharing Traditions Series is a new project. The project is an intergenerational program that focuses on sharing select Jewish holidays and Shabbat traditions of the past and present with the younger generation. The target audience is families i.e. children, parents, grandparents, special aunts, uncles and etc. There are three tentative events planned. A Pesach event, a Shabbat event and a Chanukah event.
  3. Sponsor:    Eastern Michigan University Jewish Studies
    Project:      Becoming Jewish in America: A Community Journey
    Request:    $10,000
    Summary:  This proposal requests an Impact Fund grant to create an exciting opportunity for members of the Ann Arbor Jewish community to accompany EMU Jewish Studies professors to New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, where they will explore Jewish identity in America. In NYC, participants will visit Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, the Tenement Museum, the Lower East Side, the 9/11 Memorial, and the Jewish Museum of NY; in Philadelphia, the National Museum of American Jewish History; in Washington, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. They will also meet political and intellectual leaders who are shaping Jewish identity at home and abroad.  
  4. Sponsor:    Family Salon
    Project:      Family Salon Presents: Kids Helping Kids
    Request:    $5,000
    Summary:  We all want to change the world and we know that children are going to inherit that responsibility. But teaching kids the value of tikkun olam and finding meaningful volunteer opportunities is hard. Family Salon is creating four fun and engaging ways for children to nurture equality and happiness in our community. In "Backpack-tacular," kids will stuff backpacks with school supplies for underprivileged children. In "Canvas for Kids," we'll brighten the hallways of Mott Children's Hospital. In "Apple Pickin' Kids," families will pick and donate apples to Food Gatherers. Our "Gratitude Party" will highlight our appreciation and celebrate our achievements.
  5. Sponsor:    Jewish Community Center of Greater Ann Arbor
    Project:      JCC Scouts of Ann Arbor 
    Request:    $7,500
    Summary:  The JCC Scouts of Ann Arbor is a unique scouting program offered to girls and boys in grades K-8. The program will foster a love for outdoor experiences and nature; teach a variety of skills not often taught in schools; develop character, leadership, citizenship and a sense of personal achievement; teach basic principles of Judaism; and create a unique year-round niche for the JCC that will serve as a feeder for other youth activities. Impact Grant funding will assist the JCC with travel expenses for off-site field trips, overnights and program fees and ensure that every child who wishes to participate will be able to do so regardless of their ability to pay.
  6. Sponsor:    Jewish Communal Leadership Program, Hillel and Frankel Center
    Project: Bridging University, Community and Generations
    Request:    $10,000
    Summary: leverages Ann Arbor's combination of a world-class university and small-town intimacy to develop provocative intergenerational programming that radiates throughout the community. Our three campus organizations will develop a public program featuring diverse voices keyed to local Jewish concerns (pilot year: "The Future of Midwest Jewish Communities") and produce a DVD featuring insights and questions from the event. Trained facilitators will then use the DVD to extend the conversation, meeting with small groups gathered in partnership with local Jewish organizations. Summary reports from the large and smaller conversations will spark continued engagement in Ann Arbor and beyond.
  7. Sponsor:    Jewish Cultural Society
    Project:      Sustainable Sukkot
    Request:    $5,000
    Summary:  This proposal aims to engage everyone, but especially intercultural, intermarried Jewish families through a culturally-based Sustainable Sukkot celebrating diversity in Jewish culture and promoting inherent values of Jewish life. Many families are intercultural, value their Jewish heritage and want their children to maintain a Jewish identity. Sustainable Sukkot will be a fun, family-friendly, casual (hamish) potluck. We'll share favorite foods and recipes representing our diverse cultures. We'll decorate a "green" sukkah and enjoy interactive presentations by the Community Farm of Ann Arbor. Recipes and stories will be developed into an online database to continue this conversation via social media.
  8. Sponsor:    Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County
    Project:      Rebuilding Capacity in Jewish Family Life Education and Outreach
    Request:    $10,000
    Summary:  JFS intends to rebuild and enhance capacity to provide Jewish Life Education and Outreach programs to the local Jewish community. These programs stopped expanding in 2008 when all JFS resources were diverted to direct services in response to the economic crisis. Funding is requested to partially cover a new part-time position (0.4 FTE) of a Jewish Family Life Education and Outreach Coordinator with the following responsibilities: arrange six Jewish Family Life Education programs; expand outreach to facilities with under-served Jewish populations and establish cultural activities for Jewish residents of these facilities; recruit and coordinate volunteers and form a program committee to help with planning and implementation; coordinate a partnership with the Jewish Community Center of Greater Ann Arbor (JFS has committed to provide transportation for up to six special older adult events, while the JCC will cover space and set up for up to six JFS Jewish Life Education programs held at the JCC.).
  9. Sponsor:    Salon
    Jewish Business Network
    Request:    $2,000 
    Summary:  The Jewish Business Network (JBN) will be a hub for Jewish businesspeople in the Ann Arbor area to gather, interact, promote their businesses, and become better educated on a variety of topics. The JBN will be a place where:
    *  Entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas for funding
    *  Business owners can seek advice on organizational challenges
    *  Members can be inspired by others' success stories
    *  Fruitful relationships will be initiated
    The objective of the JBN is to facilitate a lively, connected community of Jewish business professionals - which coincides with the Federation's mission to create and support a strong and vibrant Jewish community. 


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